Rani mukherjee dating

04-Sep-2017 02:00

Whether she portrays the hot college heart throb like in , she carries off all roles with great ease and panache.

Known for her characteristic, scratchy, “i’m-recovering-from-a-cold” voice, she was initially written off by numerous film critics as being “Kajol’s poor cousin”.

It’s no wonder then, that the Aditya Chopra – Rani Mukerji marriage was -true to her form- both a hush-hush affair, and a topic of wide public interest!

While most of her contemporaries like Kajol or even Madhuri Dixit tied the knot many years ago, Rani was one woman who was bold enough to stay single, well into her thirties.

But through her sheer hard work and attention to detail, she has managed to make a lasting mark for herself in the Bollywood industry.

She admits to being obsessive about tiny details of her craft and spends a great deal of time honing her talents.

Sabyasachi took time to cultivate his signature look.

He told India today: "Initially people thought my blockprinted designs looked like bed covers and they were perhaps right.

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In an age where everyone wants that “perfect” size zero figure and go under the knife to achieve that perfect look, Rani still remains true to herself and is unabashed about it.

Reports of Rani dating Aditya emerged in 2009, just about the same time when it was rumoured that his marriage with childhood sweetheart Payal Khanna was on the rocks.