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If Tony Manero can make it in New York City in “Saturday Night Fever,” then so can Violet Sanford in “Coyote Ugly,” the latest and most calculated re-do on the formulaic fantasy of an innocent conquering Gotham.

Though billed and aggressively marketed to stoke young male interest in the sexy dancin’ and stompin’ waitresses at the wild pick-up bar of the movie’s title, this is one Jerry Bruckheimer project keyed to a young woman’s story.

Coyote Ugly (Verweistitel: Coyote Ugly – Sie wollen alles, und das sofort) ist ein Film des Regisseurs David Mc Nally und wurde im Jahr 2000 in den Vereinigten Staaten gedreht.

Die Hauptrollen werden von Piper Perabo und Adam Garcia gespielt.

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I think audiences will be surprised and happy with what they come away with.One day Adam Garcia summoned her to his trailer saying he wanted to work on some lines with her. He said "Let's just eat really fast and they'll think we're working." So we just sort of inhaled them.

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